ViniYoga – TKV Desikachar.

What is the word viniyoga as used in recent years within this country?
The term viniyoga had come to be associated with TKV Desikachar’s methods of teaching, adapted from his twenty-seven year long study with his father and teacher T Krishnamacharya in order to make the essence and depth of the tradition available to Westerners.
New York in May 2002 around the theme “The Ocean of Yoga – From the Parts to the Whole” as:“
The current world of yoga seems to be made up of many small parts, each one competing with and often confusing the other. This is not consistent with the spirit of yoga, whose very meaning is “to unite”. T Krishnamacharya, a yogi par-excellence, immersed in the ocean of ancient Indian wisdom, understood the wealth of teachings that yoga had to offer and showed how each practitioner can choose the right means for his or her own development.
It is this feeling that offers an important message that Yoga means to unite.
Click on the link to download an interview with Desikachar conducted during this seminar and published in Yoga and Health magazine in the UK in July 2003.

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